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It goes without saying that it becomes urgent to settle once and for all the differences between tropical and sidereal astrology, as well as critics of astrology in general. In no way is it my intention to throw oil on the fire, while remaining convinced that this is exactly what is going to happen, this topic is far too sensitive, the egos are far too exacerbated. Nor do I pretend to change anyone's mind, or prove anything at all, but only underline the inconsistencies deployed, often with zeal and brilliance, by opponents of sidereal astrology. I just want to put things right. I am going to highlight elements that are still too often ignored by official science for lack of financial means, will, or simply appropriate skills. My comments are timeless, and it's all the better if they make laugh more than once.

I love astrology and I want to defend it. This science is relegated to the role of a public entertainer, a pastime media, in short, it is only a shadow of itself.

As far as the so-called tropical astrology is concerned, it is obvious that it is not based on anything, because the constellations used do not exist in our starry sky. From Aries to Pisces, we find the terminology attributed to these groups of stars, but in no way their true positions. It's all fictitious. It is appalling, to think that a majority of astrologers or supposed astrologers still refer to nonexistent stellar positions. This is all the more distressing as they do not even realize that their definitions of signs are inaccurate. A person whose solar sign is Aries in the so-called tropical astrology, who is actually Pisces in sidereal astrology, does not have at all the same type of behavior in existence. You still need very little observation skills to miss such evidence. This is just one example among many. I have also noticed that, more or less consciously, many astrologers know all this, and it is for this reason that they are very little or nothing concerned with the position of the planets in the signs, preferring their positions in houses. The proof of this is that the zodiac is so insignificant, that they rotate it so that the Ascendant defines to the left the position of the sign where it is placed. It is obvious that they give priority to the reading of all that relates to the houses, to the detriment of the zodiac itself, as if this one played only a secondary role. As far as I'm concerned, I can't solve it. The interpretation of the position of the planets and other luminaires on the Zodiac defines the external aspect of a person, the houses defining its internal aspect. When I look at a person, I first see his envelope, and then I discover his intimate nature. So please, the position of the zodiac prevails over the rest! Head up, feet down! Sounds logical to me! There are some who will tell me, but there is no bottom, since the Zodiac is a circle!!!

This explains the importance of the position of the zodiac circle.

L'Homme de Vézelay Le zodiaque de Vézelay

Located on the portal of the Basilica of Vézelay (France), above the head of Christ, the Man rolled between Lion and Cancer. On the right, representation of Man in the sense of the current zodiac.

Astrology modulators resonate with our DNA...

In this respect I would point out that in both astrologies the Planets, Sun, Moon and others stay in the same houses. By confining this exclusively to houses, the "tropicalist" astrologers are therefore not mistaken. Of course, it is different if they are trying to define the signs.

Note: it is all the planets, the houses, the Moon, the Sun... that we must go back from the value of the Ayanamsa, on the sky map, that is to say about 24° in our time. So, if in a theme the Sun, the other celestial objects and the houses are situated at more than 24 degrees, these obviously remain in the same sign, which means that some people find the definitions of the sign to be correct.

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That being said, I will come back to some confused and nebulous explanations of "tropicalistic" astrologers who claim that, in any case, their Zodiac is symbolic and therefore has nothing to do with the constellations located in our firmament. Let's be serious! These same astrologers use ephemeris tables designed by scientists to position celestial objects. You can't carve out a small suit for you as an experienced mathematician when using these tables, and at the same time eject the celestial reality. That makes no sense! In all good editions of ephemerides, there is the value of ayanamsa which allows to correct the positions of the planets to their true celestial places. In front of this illogicality, and beyond the relevance of the interpretations, it is certain that there is something to laugh about, and many scientists do not deprive themselves of it. I'll say they're right. By trying to keep a false zodiac, the pseudo astrologers end up reshaping the texts attributed to the signs, and making them lose their true meaning. Moreover, the so-called astrologers do not even respect the position of the fixed stars of the constellations. One example among many others: putting Castor and Pollux in the constellation of Cancer, frankly, it's pathetic! If you ask any wise person what these two beings represent, obviously twins, so Gemini, double sign of this constellation!

Now we will move on to the arduous phase of my remarks. I will quote the value of the Ayanamsa and the size of the constellations, so much criticized by low-level scientists and especially by "tropicalist" astrologers. A toast!

The primary argument used by critics of sidereal astrology, as expressed above, is the size of constellations and their positioning. Now, frankly, as my grandmother used to say:"Then, frankly, it's a joke !". If you look up and contemplate the firmament, can you see in the starry sky lines connecting all these beautiful lights? To use the size of constellations as a pretext to assert the incoherence of sidereal astrology, to take as a reference supposed geometrical shapes that are not based on anything, one should not be afraid of ridicule! In the past, the drawings that men created by connecting a few stars with fictitious lines in a certain portion of the sky, were a quick way to locate the stars, an ingenious support to locate oneself in this immense starry sky, but also... a way to remember that there are special energies in this sector.

However, these forces do exist. The air doesn't exist because you can't see it? What about all the airwaves carrying our radio and other exchanges? And as many astronomers like to point out, the stars in any constellation are not placed on the same plane at all, the distances of these stars from the earth vary enormously, the differences are staggering. So more reason to understand that sidereal astrology is not based on the shape and position of the stars in a constellation, but on the fields of force that this sector emits!

The constellations are not only uneven in size, but some of them encroach on each other. So to conclude, there is nothing coherent, nothing defined, much less symmetrical. So please, please, look for other arguments to support your claims! If necessary, I will do a complete tour of the illogical appearance of the positioning of fixed stars. Any person can rebuild a personal constellation by choosing the stars that suit him or her. « Here, today, I'm going to have a little fun, I'm going to gather this group of stars and this one and I'm going to create a whole new constellation from scratch,… what name to give it… that's what I have the most problems with.… why not my name? Well, finally famous!

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As the critics of the oldest and the first of all sciences assert, all this is based on nothing, so it is useless to be laughed at. These thinking goods are custodians of knowledge, logic and intelligence, in short, they possess absolute knowledge.

But if there is an ever-increasing craze for this kind of science, which has never been denied in time, there is a reason! Especially since those who are the most fervent defenders of these esoteric sciences are those who have advanced intelligence. I'm not the one saying it, it's the statistics. So I deduce from it that there are two forms of intelligence, that belonging to those who are sure and who hold knowledge, an intelligence that refutes the well-foundedness of Astrology on the one hand, and on the other hand a form of intelligence in those who hold an esoteric knowledge but who are lost in nebulous, unfounded meanders... like they're just sweet dreamers. How to sort the good grain of ryegrass, not easy, you will agree!? Who's right about that? The best thing we can do is to study in depth. But in order to do this, you must turn to serious and competent astrologers, there are some, and in no way confine yourself to the image of astrology referred by the media. It's so easy, blessed bread for those who want to let go. Enjoy it, gentlemen, it won't last long.

Well, let's get back to our sheep, or rather our stars. I affirm, that there is a real influence, let's say magnetic to make it short, still largely unknown, coming from all the celestial objects, I did say from all the objects. It is not because we are unaware of its mechanism and operation at the moment that it does not exist or that it is unfounded. If in science, as in all the fields invested by mankind, we should confine ourselves to what we know, and perceive by our five senses, we could put a definitive cross on all kinds of progress. Science is punctuated by changes, discoveries of all kinds, by questions that allow it to make itself or re-do a virginity, making a clean sweep of past knowledge, to start again on new bases. And fortunately, otherwise, we would soon have found ourselves in caves carving flint. I am not going to list the number of innovations, transformations, discoveries, made over the centuries, judged impossible by dogmatic right-thinkings, the list being far too long and not exhaustive. Who can explain what electricity and magnetic fields are? We're just using, channelling, observing, and that's it.

This effective stellar influence is placed in portions of the celestial vault. It is by logic and observation, since the dawn of time, that astrologers have noticed that some portions are more active if they are situated on the ecliptic plane of our solar system, because it is on this plane that our planets "walk" around. They act as amplifiers.

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So why, then, does the position of the Sun define a birth sign even if it is placed in a portion of the sky empty of stars, in any case empty of stars belonging to a zodiacal constellation? Since I said in my remarks that constellations do not exist as such, it is fair to say that only the position of the Sun in front of a fixed star of a constellation, no matter where it is located, can possibly send an energy. So when the Sun passes through a portion of the sky where there is nothing, apparently (in terms of the number of galaxies and stars that make them up, the sky is never empty of stars, these stars are simply not visible), you have no sign of birth! Funny, isn't it? Astrology becomes very simple?!

It's much more subtle, there are simply fields of force, sectors in the sky, an energy division, a magnetic grid according our friend Kryon. This grid, as its name implies, is divided into different portions, like our own definition of the Earth's time zones, like an orange with twelve sectors - these being 30 degrees each. If you want to get an idea of this grid, try to imagine a rainbow surrounding our entire solar system. Does that surprise you? When a rainbow appears, it always has the same colors and is always split into equal stripes. The same goes for this grid. Let us note that there are several, one surrounding the earth. There is also one known as a crystalline grid. All these forces interact with our DNA, which also has a crystalline grid. We are creators, potential gods, and we have the power to choose what we want to do with these forces. We have the freedom to choose how we control them.

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"But let it be understood here, no action of any planet or any of the phases of the Sun, Moon, or any of the heavenly bodies surpass the rule of Man's individual will power the power given by the Creator of man in the beginning, when he became a living soul, with the power of choosing for himself."
Edgar Cayce - 3744-3

"By proper use of astrological aspects in earth lives, an individual can eventually reach a point in development where he is no longer affected by such aspects."
Edgar Cayce 1710-3

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With regard to the predictions that some people publish every day that God makes, the above text indicates to us that we have at any time of our existence the possibility of reorienting our destiny, and thus of changing deadlines that could appear to be disastrous. Astrology serves to prevent, in no way to direct, to impose an inescapable and fatalistic line of our life.

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I know what I'm saying is a little bit crazy, so let's be patient! The Earth's magnetic grid is used by some birds for orientation in their long migrations. There are many others, also used by our space visitors. Of course man is himself a real energy battery, made up of all kinds of electric, electrochemical and electromagnetic currents. There, I don't think there can be any opponents of my assertions, at a time when all sorts of experiments are being done on brain waves capable of driving robots remotely, thanks to new cutting-edge technologies. There is also no need to give a lecture on recent discoveries made on a large number of animals, especially sharks, which, thanks to their "Lorenzini bulbs", detect all kinds of electrical signals. Little or no bow, we are all made of the same dust. True scientists still have a bright future ahead of them. The electromagnetic world has not finished surprising us!

Everything comes at the right time to the one who knows how to wait, and all this will be demonstrated quickly. This grid is composed of a very fine lattice, representing all degrees, decans and signs. It would be possible to say:"The Sun at my birth was placed in the first sector, therefore symbolically Aries".

In the mists of time, these sectors have been given a name, and this is not by chance. As everything above is identical to what is below, astrologers have discovered the concordance between these sectors and the physical, psychological aspects of humans. They gave them a name, representing and defining as much as possible what came from it. On this subject I would like to correct a definition of the word zodiac, which in no way means "Circle of the small animals", but "astron" meaning star and logos signifying speech thus "Discourse of the stars". It is obvious that there are not only animals, in the zodiacal representation, and it is once again a wish to denigrate asrology while ignoring the true etymology of the word Zodiac.

This said, I am very aware that a number of people think that only a disturbed brain can believe that stars have things to say!

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Well, now all that remains is to locate our grid in the sky. Of course, I do not remove in any way the influences of fixed stars. These companies are positioned in the sectors they represent. Going back to the example already mentioned, Castor and Pollux are well placed in the third sector of the magnetic grid, that is to say Gemini.

How does this famous magnetic grid work? It's very easy to understand. When you want to heat a glass container on a flame, so that it does not explode under the effect of too much heat, you place a diffuser between the energy source and the dish. The heat will attenuate and spread evenly over its entire surface. Housewives are very familiar with this principle. The same goes for our cosmic diffuser (the magnetic grid), cut into slices, which divides the fields of forces emitted by the Stars. It's that simple!

What is also debating, and fuelling controversy, is how to position this famous grid in the sky. In India, the country that has retained ancient knowledge, the most commonly used Zodiac begins with the fixed star Revati (Zeta Piscium). This is Lahiri's ayanamsa. It is true that not all these people agree on the true value of ayanamsa, such as Krushna, but these different values are not so far apart these days. In this regard, I will talk about cuspids which have a particular role to play. I am not going to go into the lengthy explanations here about the vernal point, the precession of the equinoxes and the spinning top effect of the Earth. There is enough explanation on the web.

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Given that we are missing some essential data, the only way to find and prove is to experiment, by performing a large number of astrological themes and by studying them in a precise way. It's called groping, but the result is there. Just as scientists in the laboratories test all kinds of processes over and over again until a tangible result is achieved. An astrological theme is read as a whole, because the planets discuss each other. Everything I could read about the statistics done by choosing only one planet in a theme to correlate with any type of activity is also due to a complete lack of knowledge of astrology. It is not because Mars is located at a specific location in the Zodiac that we will have to deal with a sportsman or not. There are no identical themes, all are unique, even for twins. This is often the argument raised by critics. As Edgar Cayce points out, planetary trips are very important, and we all have different curricula. Through our multiple incarnations we choose different planetary vibrations (stays), which greatly nuances the astrological theme. In short, if twins have the same astrological theme, that they both passed on the same planet before incarnating in this life, there is a good chance that in the previous life, their planetary stays were different. So we will find similarities in their behaviour, but also many differences.

I think very few people really realize the relevance and accuracy of an astrological theme. Since most of the time the studies are composed of generalities only, it does not encourage people with sagacious minds to deepen this science. Astrologers are not sure of themselves, so they drown it all in ordinary and simplistic explanations. Everyone in everything. This is again the argument used by critics. The bottomless pit!

The astrological symbols and related definitions are modulated by all kinds of shades and hues, by their location on the Zodiac and the aspects they form between them. It takes many years of practice and a very good memory to integrate all the possible variants. Intuition, or simply reading the akash is not superfluous. It's like describing a painting painted by a real master. Who would dare to pretend that all the paintings exhibited in an art gallery are all the same because they are painted with the same palette of colours? It is the same with an astrological theme.

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Above and beyond the controversy raging over the relevance of astrology, there is another debate hiding behind the watermark. You have to know how to read between the lines. What is hidden is:"Are we the only and most evolved of all the societies the earth has ever known, and do we really possess a soul?" It is this debate that underlies all the attacks on the esoteric sciences as a whole.

As far as the first question is concerned, that is doubtful. Even though many are trying to make us believe that we are descended from a tree, that by chance we have come to where we are today, there are many clues to the fact that many other civilizations/societies have made far greater progress than we did so far. Atlantis and Lemuria are just one example. And many other solar systems carry lives like ours and have much more advanced civilizations. Given the state of the world today, I really do not think that we can proclaim ourselves a so-called civilized society. We still have a long way to go! As the "friend" (a visitor from far away in our galaxy) told me so well: you are primary! "The friend" is the name he gave me.

With regard to the second question, wanting to refute the fact that the human being is a soul incarnated in a body of flesh, again, is to refuse a certain form of evidence. There are so many clues that prove it that it is becoming appalling to see some people trying to deny it. I'm not going to go deeper, others probably do it better than me, but that brings me straight to the definition of the word karma, and therefore of reincarnation.

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Astrology is above all Chaldean, it is these astrologers who have defined the bases of what we know today, and this all over the world. There is only one single astrology. Needless to say that all this has been distorted and essential keys forgotten. Long before them, in Atlantis, this science was known but in no way used like us today. This science had to be hidden from the layman, because those who created it knew full well that the inhabitants of the earth would cut the thread that tied them to their divine self for centuries. It is only today that humanity awakens and regains its divine essence.

So what does all this have to do with astrology? Simple, it only defines the peregrinations of the soul in the different bodies. It merely expresses the nature of karma from everything to everyone, the path of life chosen by the soul. Yes, astrology is karmic, and sidereal, it is nothing else. It has always been, and still is today, and will always be an essential means of knowing the path of life that the soul has chosen before being born, and also of knowing the different lives that build the personality of a being.

Now let's get to cuspids. A cuspidus is an imaginary line that separates the signs between them. This line also applies to decans. When the Sun, for example, is at the end of a sign, and therefore almost at the beginning of the next sign, it is said to be on a cuspidus. This position is of particular importance, and it is very well explained by the medium Edgar Cayce, to whom we owe much in all kinds of fields, and especially as far as I am concerned, Astrology. A big Thank ! A big thank also to Dorothée Koechlin de Bizemont who translated so smartly in french the texts from across the Atlantics.

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This particular position of the Sun, Moon and other planets indicates that the entity has chosen an unusual course. It is almost impossible for him to escape this influence, whereas in other configurations of a theme, the freedom that the entity has to modulate its life is much more important. This obviously applies to the planets concerned.

Following this important parenthesis, it is obvious that a person having his sun on a cusp will have the attributes of the two neighboring signs. One cannot have the Sun at 29°59 of the Sagittarius and thus be of this sign, and by adding 0° 1', to be of the sign of Capricorn, exit the Sagittarius! So for those of you who would like to tickle the value of ayanamsa, it would be good to take these famous cuspids into account. In this respect, it should be stressed that there are cusps that are particularly difficult to manage. Those located between Aries and Taurus, Libra and Scorpio, a little softer between Pisces and Aries. Why? Why? Because going from Mars to Venus (or vice versa), and Neptune to Mars is not always easy. Do love and war go hand in hand?

It is quite obvious that the forces of cuspids are directed at the planets located at these precise points and thus define the nature of the choice made by the soul in relation to what these planets represent. In short, the astrological interpretation of Venus on any cuspidus will be different from Mercury, Jupiter and others. To repeat my example on the rainbow, a planet located on the fictitious line separating two colors from the rainbow, will take the tone of these two colors.

In order to finish, with regards to the magnetic grid; it's obvious that it will be necessary to review its position. In the following texts, coming from the book 2010, it's clearly specified that the grid moved and then the planetary positions have to be modified.

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A interesting book on the subject: "The Cosmos of Soul - A Wake-Up Call for Humanity", Patricia Cori, North Atlantic Books

In Patricia Cori's book, it is well understood that there is still a lot of investigative work to be done, because a priori, changes will take place in the race of the planets. In addition, the symbolic definitions of these, as well as those of the Signs, and the aspects between them will have to be redefined.

And with regard to the argument put forward by a number of people, to once again discredit astrology:"Should we take as a reference the date of birth or the date of conception?" It seems so obvious to me that the moment of the baby's inspiration at birth corresponds to its anchoring in the three-dimensional world. It makes so much sense that Cayce has a very short answer!

Question: Should an astrological horoscope be based on the time of physical birth or the time of soul birth?

"On time of physical birth;"
Edgar Cayce - 826-8


I stated earlier in my speech and emphatically that astrology is the first and most important of all sciences. I want to back up my statement. Any science that allows man to know himself, to discover his true divine nature, to help him to sublimate his karma, in short, everything that makes man grow in wisdom, love and compassion, is the most important of all sciences. There is no more important than self-knowledge, for as stated in the inscription on the threshold of the temple of Delphus:


"Know yourself and you will know the universe... and the gods! ».

"Stars emit a harmonic sound. This sound is received by Mother Earth which returns it to you and acts on your cells by harmonizing them again, allowing you to be totally connected to the heart of the beloved earth, Gaea the Golden Star. Its heart pulsates with the vibration of the crystals and also emits a harmonic sound that is linked to the Stars. This music of the spheres, received totally by inspiration, will allow you to harmonize in your bodies." 
Kartikeya Diamant the sacred sound of the stars, the Sound of the Universe

I sincerely thank you for taking a few minutes of your precious time to read or browse through this topic.

To believe that the creation of the universe, including life on earth, comes directly from a hypothetical fruit of chance, that we are the only inhabitants... And even if by chance, some people may admit that there may be life elsewhere, but as if of course in the embryonic state... Well, to believe in this fabric of bullshit, you must be really thick headed! That's all stuff and nonsense!

I'm sorry, it was itchy.

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