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Here we enter a world which seems to be irrational and subjective. People generally admit the influence of the planets’vibrations on human beings, on tides or plants but are reluctant to accept that our souls could also be influenced by the planets. (The soul is both the driving force of Life and the basic cause of all our sufferings on earth)

However, on this planet,  as in the whole universe, chance doesn’t exist. Everything has been created by us. We are the rulers of our destiny but, unfortunatly, we hardly know those invisible worlds which exist between our bodies and our souls.

Yet everything is  logical and mathematical.  It is astonishing that our tri-dimentional rational world cannot  understand it. Our destiny is created by our thougnts and our acts. Nothing is fortuitous.

Why deny clairvoyance, premonition, extra sensory experiences, when many of us have premonitory dreams  or an actual and fleeting feeling of having yet living some moments of past lifes ?  What about those persons (children or adults) who have a special  ability for disciplines or arts they have never learnt before ? After clinical death many people have described in detail their afterlife experiences. They have all been  deeply moved and changed radically...

For those who always relate everything to DNA, I’ll ask this : Who gave the information to DNA ?

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Your planetary sojourns

Before reading the following descriptions of “planetary sojourns”, you have to be aware that many souls are ruled by the vibrations of one or two planets, scarcely ever three.

  Of course, in sidereal astrology, signs of the zodiac where the planets of residence  are located give the real coloration to the personality. For instance, if you have passed through the magnetic field of the moon and if you have this planet in CAPRICORN, it will be very different with the same planet placed in TAURUS.

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MOON or fertile imagination

Are they moody persons those who stayed on this luminary ? It’s the least we can say. They have a fertile imagination; they are agitated by the Moon’s phases; they are very emotional and very susceptible to family problems. The pure feminine vibration of this luminary is a strong amplifier of the birth chart’s tendencies ; an influence which could be beneficial or catastrophic.

A person who enjoyes a strong artistic sensibility in his birth chart will use the Moon’s influence to create pure products from his fertile imagination or from his dreams. This person won’t objectify his feelings but fully live them, in the musical field or elsewhere. Obviously, I separate “excessive cerebral activity” from imagination because they are diametrically opposed. Imagination is not “hard thought” but pure emotion.

Unleashed imagination cannot be rationalized: lunars are often victims of their emotions. They imagine all kinds of disasters in their daily lives and condemn themselves to suffer it. Their irrational fears can  lead to frequent depressive periods.

The family is very important in the lives of  lunars. They have a strong karmic link to the mother, or the absence of the mother. The mother is present all life long. It isn’t a calming influence for some of them who wonder how to escape from this heavy presence.

Lunar men take easily to caring  for children and can become overprotective fathers. They are often more maternal than the mother. Materialistic motives are often uppermost, even though  they may encounter financial problems throughout their lives. They often inherit houses because all that is close to the family area is important for them.

A person influenced by the magnetic field of the Moon will effortlessly take care of children even if they are not his own, or will take an  interest in the animal world. As he needs the cocoon of family, he will create all kinds of refuge according to his own personality (orphanages, sanctuaries, etc.) or will get down to doing housework.

Childhood memory is very important for these people. Deep inside, they keep feelings (pleasures and wounds) they do not necessarily express or they might express physically through stammering, asthma, phobias, irrational fears, and so on.

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MERCURY or Unceasing cerebral activity

A person who has stayed in the magnetic field of Mercury has a very complex and mobile spirit. He can analyse and understand several situations at the same time or find very different solutions to a given problem. They are not at all fickle or volatile but are able to analyse instinctively or intuitively all the aspects of a situation. Many of them are among the most famous scientists of the past and without doubt many such, now to be found in the world of he computer sciences, have passed through these vibratory fields in previous incarnations. Untill now, there were few people who came  from Mercury but they discovered many scientific innovations which have been stamped firmly on our History.

Mercury is a “7 degrees” vibration planet which requires a brain able to manage with it without falling into madness. Besides, most leading scientific experts, who come from Mercury, always exhibited a strain of madness in their behaviour. They quite often seem to be eccentric. They are able to make some very complicated calculations without computer or pocket calculator. They can also communicate very easily, as journalists as well as lecturers. Don’t forget all the great philosophers, writers ans thinkers who left a shining impression on the last centuries : Leonard de Vinci and Albert Einstein are good examples.

But all the scientists, philosophers or madmen do not necessarily come from Mercury!

Because Mercury is a planet of movement, it isn’t astonishing to find great racing drivers coming from it.

Depending on their birth chart or karma, Mercury’s children can be more or less mediocre at school or at the beginning of professional life, but, sooner or later, they free themselves from the burden of former livesand their mobile spirit ends up amazing those around them.

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VENUS or Quest for perfect love

These persons spend their life questing for perfect love but often miss it. Being born out of the passionate love of their parents, they are forever looking for it. They are very susceptible to charm, to the beauty of everything around them. These for them are the only criteria for selecting objects and human beings. That’s why they hardly understand  why ugliness (or what they dislike) is neither an illness nor a defect to be rejected.

Music and all kinds of Art are their only reason for living. Among them, one can find the most famous aesthetes such as beauticians, decorators, talented creators and designers. They like beautiful things and emit a strong and charming magnetism.
 To recognize a Venusian, is very simple : he is always talking about love or the absence of love within his own life. His criteria for selection are so severe that he is most of the time unsatisfied and lonely. When he wants, he can magnetize and enchant people close to him. He can also glorify the most ordinary things of life.

His wonderful angelic smile disarms many people.After he has got through with his absolute search for Beauty, he can become a great vehicle of love and friendship between human beings. As soon as he gives up relying on appearances and turns himself towards inner beauty, he may meet the love he has been always seeking.

We find many Venusians in movie and fashion businesses. Even if they arenot especially beautiful, their charm and magnetism make them very attractive. Their “love escapades” are often splashed all over the front page of newspapers.

Venusian life is paticularly difficult because full of absolutes...

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MARS or Nonstop physical activity

They are always moving, incapable of sitting down to take advantage of rest or inactivity,one-way fellows, focussed on targets and spend a lot of energy to achieve their goals (great or small), difficult to follow for they can’t admit that reposing, dreaming or meditating could have a usefull fonction, can’t understand what rest signifies and often suffer from overwork.

They are easy to recognize because they leave everyone breathless with their nonstop activity. The piece of advice they need to listen to is : keep quiet a moment before beginning to do something ! For an easy-going quiet person it’s very difficult to be associated (in love or business) with a Martian, unless he lets him do everything.

Of course, Martians are always complaining about over extrawork or activity, for they think everybody is too passive and have a natural tendency to do everything in place of others.

Sexuality is important but without any sweetness or romance.

The fighting Martian should learn to calm himself down, to take advantage of sweet moments and to stop thinking that life is a permanent struggle. They don’t care about weak or passive people and are only obsessed with their own targets. Far from Art and Beauty, they mostly are in sporting and military fields or possibly in charitable and humanitarian projects. Most of all, they need to be useful and indispensable.

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JUPITER or The Reincarnation of Epicurus

“Jupitarians” are lucky. Jupiter is a big, positive planet which brings growth, luck and development ; the same is true for even the worst birth chart. It’s the planet for business, gluttony and easily-earned money, which provides a kind of protection from the invisible. It isn’t hardly surprising if Chinese astrology is based on this luminary.

Jupitarians are easy to recognize : vibrations  of confidence, sweetness and protection emanate from them. Everyone feels good with them. With their good-natured way of living and their immoderate love of life, they inspire trust.

Many well-known swindlers are Jupitarians because they are so sympathetic that victims find difficulty in resisting. This kind of mythomania is dangerous for them because it could be difficult  for them to escape unharmed from permanent lying.

Many kinds of occupation are accessible to them : in the medical field, they could be great teachers, in show-business,  they are successful, in journalism,  they become idolised as presenters, in music, they are crooners who attract fans with their warm voice, in the spiritual field, they become easily heads of sects or new-age movements. In each case, they have an unfortunate tendency to be excessively paternalistic and sometimes lead their loyal supporters to lack critical judgment.

Avid for money and pleasure, they can become hooked on gambling even to the point of financial ruin for them and those around them. They need to learn a little bit about housework which they  have a tendency to ignore.

Jupitarians attract growth and opportunity. Even in the most hopeless situations everything seem to smile on them.

Well-known epicurians, Jupitarians must take precautions against  stoutness and watch closely their behaviour in financial and business areas. It’s difficult to blame them  thoughfor they can be very generous when they love, which occurs frequently.

For them, married life is most of the time a useful platform which they use as a spring-board for their extra-marital affairs. Being paternalistic, they love children even treating those of others as their own and  naturally knowing how to value everybody around.

They haven’t any competitive spirit. On the contrary, they want to attract all the benefical effects of the universe and gladly let their associates enjoy them. They do like business lunches.

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SATURN or Coldness

This person is cold, austere, hermetic, looking overproud, difficult to communicate with. He embodies the confinement  which he has experienced during former incarnations. For one reason or another he suffers from an encircling anxiety. At best, he has put up a protective barrier, at worst he interposes a huge impassable wall between his environment and himself.

Several reasons can explain this withdrawn behaviour : immoderate pride excessive emotionalism which he dares not express fear of the vicissitudes of this world the urge to escape from a world he doesn’t like.

It seems clear that the Saturnian comes on to this earth to dismantle stone by stone the wall of protection and misunderstanding which separes them from the outside world. Nevertheless, this sort of inflexibility and distance gives them a particular charm which can be very attractive. Often, he has  real knowledge in many fields, but his domineering and outdated aspect coming from many previous incarnations indicates a real need to relax and to acquire some flexibility. In fact, he needs to share with others with humility and goodwill his inner world  so rich in experience.

The  unconscious memory of previous imprisoning incarnations, wether it be the austerity of monastic life, the seriousness of political or social responsabilities for example as great-buiders, scientists, doctors, leaders, historians, archeologists, worthy military men or even as conscientious labourers or farmers, has left indelible trace on such people of seriousness and gravity.

If you need a trustworthy, grave, serious, hardworking, in short a person who is beyond reproach to help you dont hesitate to take a Saturnian.

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URANUS or Impatience

If you meet somebody like a permanent firework, with a southand and one projects (and not a penny in his pocket), who wants to conquer America, preferably yesterday, rest assured he is a follower of Uranus. Nowadays, these are many “Uranians” living on earth. You can meet them everywhere : in revolt, revolutionaries, umpredictable, feeling cramped in a restricted and monotonous life. Soon or later they’ll profoundly change Society.

During their former lives Uranians have been accumulating a great and varied knowledge which regularly leads to progress, efficiency, quick changes and upheaval. Since patience is not their first quality, they are constantly like cats on a hot tin roof. That’s why they need to have numerous projects.

Uranians are clever. They understand everything so quickly that they have difficulty slowing down to the rythm of others. So they often take on big or small tasks instead of others because they won’t spend time explaining to others how to do the job. All that doesn’t suit those around them who suffer from a lack of understanding of these extraterrestrials.

They are easy to recognize because their favourite subjects are often  the stars and their inhabitants, information technology, the most recent gadgets, astrology, alternative science, fantastic journeys, and so on...

They are also independant, progressive, intrepid, generous altruists. They are proud of their great knowledge and do not like to be caught out or not recognized as the best. They don’t care much about money. However, they can’t understand why their great talent doesn’t earn them more money.

Please, don’t say to an Uranian that he looks like somebody else ! He thinks to be unique and won’t appreciate to be compared to anyone.

Uranians like flying and swimming because they love fluidity.

If you decide to live with an Uranian, brace yourself, adventure begins... Don’t forget : they are volatile and unpredictable. They just don’t know the words “home sweet home”.

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NEPTUNE or The dream

Nowadays, these people are the most numerous community living on earth. They have choosen this most recent experience to clean up their Karma. They didn’t commit acts worse than all the others, far from it, but they have taken this decision in order to attain the true resonance and identity of their souls. To do that, they have choosen the “anamic dream” rather than mental will-power. Of course, this way of life is not entirely acceptable in a society which extols the virtues of action and personal success...

A Neptunian who finds himself living through experiences which he has not chosen has the sensation of being the plaything of situations completely out of his control. “Forget fulness” is the most important Neptunian characteristic : they often lose or mislay things and are victims of thieves or swindlers. So they seem to be the victims of destiny, cradled by dreams and passivity, all the more reason they have a horror of conflict and try everything to avoid it even when they shouldn’t.

Their goal on earth is to learn confidence, to have faith in life, to detach themselves from the earthly bonds which stop them reaching the spiritual spheres they have long been ignorant of in their previous incarnation. Their search for universal or personal love will certainly be the vehicule for a deep change in Society. Bashful lovers, incredibly romantic, living in a dream world, inventors of parallel worlds, they are often out of step with feelings and the reality of the moment. Their daily life is series of events they can’t control, then, they feel themselves to be victims. Several diseases or physical weaknesses are the lot of their lives.

However, it is not all black. If the Neptunian lets himself be guided by destiny and forgets his demands of the moment, he can at last find the sweet way of life he has been looking for so hard. It is just when he least expects it that he realized his hopes and dreams. Very often his forgotten childhood dreams become reality. It has to be said that the Neptunian readily forgets his past..

It’s better for him not to take any drug (even medical ones) because he relied  too heavily on them during former lives. Even a small quantity of alchool (or wathever) can make him sink back immediately into his old ways.

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PLUTO or Complete metamorphosis

Pluto is the planet of mystery, occultism, secretiveness and transmutation. Nowadays there are very few of them on earth. They often possess the skills of the medium, even though they may not necessarily use them consciously. The give off a strange feeling which leaves nobody indifferent and repels many others. They love the dark, night and all that is hidden or secret. They were born to undergo complete transformations and to become the ambassadors of parallel worlds.

The life of these persons is often fraught with pitfalls and blows of fate intolerable for others, but they do not seem really afraid because they have an exceptional endurance and strength. They accept morbid and dark experiences as a normal way of life.

They could be : secret agents, great mediums or surgeons, executioners, undertakers, and so on. A part of themselves is constantly living on others planets.

No doubt that these persons will be more and more called upon for “channeling” and will be the powerful mouthpieces of those numerous guides from  other worlds who try to help and advise us on the best attitude to adopt when confronted by the terrific hazards we have to face in this old and dying world. A prelude to the new “golden” age we are all longing for...

The exceptional physical and mental strength of Plutonians gives them a special ability to handle strange and frightening situations with cold determination. When those in their presence have accepted their frequently unsettling vibrations they can become true guides to the reassuring haven of peace we all try to attain.

However, Plutonians should constantly take care not to slide down the steep slope towards believing they are omniscient gurus or that they are indomitably intrepid,  fearing neither god nor man. Physical and psychological deseases are for them a kind of safeguard. They alone recover from these illnesses which throw the medical world into confusion.

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