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In contrast to “tropical” astrology, sidereal astrology is not an “exotic” form but a mere readjustment of the planets.

So, you were not necessarly born under the sign of the zodiac you are accustomed to, with all the due respect to the unconditional supporters of the out-of-date astrology, soon or later, this outmoded astrology will be removed and, thus, more appreciated.

With regard to tropical astrology, it seems to naturally agree with seasons : Aries announces spring; Leo and his warm sun is well-located on August, the heatest period; the ugly Scorpio and his occult secrets corresponds to the dark end of Autumn and the cold and austere Capricorn is well-placed in the middle of the coldest monthes of winter. All that seems so natural !

Unfortunately, when it's summer in the north Emisphere, it's winter in the south Emisphere. This idyllic point of view about Astrology doesn't make any sense...

For those unaware of the method by which an astrological sign is defined, that constellation which is  on the ecliptic plane of the solar system and which is illuminated by the sun at the moment of birth is the astrological sign. Put more simply, if your sign is ARIES, the sun, seen from earth, was in front of the Aries constellation at the very moment of your birth.

To know the real position of planets all you have to do is to open an ephemerides book and tables of houses, look at the degres given for each planet and house including the Ascendant and substract the Ayanamsa from it. Nowadays, the ayanamsa is almost 24°, that is to say 24 days of difference from the official Astrology! (for inquiring minds, click on Ayanamsa, vernal point, ecliptic plan)

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According different months, 24°, that is to say 24 days of difference from the official Astrology.

For example, more or less:

from April 15 to May 15: You are ARIES

from May 15 to June 15: You are TAURUS

From June 15 to July 15: You are GEMINI

From July 15 to August 15: You are CANCER

From August 15 to September 15: You are LEO

From September 15 to October 15: You are VIRGO

From October 15 to November 15: You are LIBRA

From November 15 to December 15: You are SCORPIO

From December 15 to January 15: You are SAGITTARIUS

From January 15 to February 15: You are CAPRICORN

From February 15 to March 15: You are AQUARIUS

From March 15 to April 15: you are PISCES

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Most people get used to their sign of the zodiac and I know they dont like to change, especially those born under Aries and Leo, signs of fire, which symbolise strength and ambition qualities appreciated in our competitive and money dominated world!

Some prefer invent other unknowned planets rather than rectify their false planetary positions. I incite very much astronomers to consult them. They'll save a lot of time in exploring our solar system.

More incredible: these people give fearures to the signs of the Zodiac which are not the genuine ones.

If you meet a go-ahead TAURUS, full of good ideas, authoritarian and proud ; he is not TAURUS but ARIES. The TAURUS is a slow and ruminative animal which rarely speeds up and only when it  has to.

If you meet a hard-working GEMINI with  real magnetism and  great strength, who constantly turns over the same problems ; he is not GEMINI but TAURUS.

If you meet an excitable, fond of sport, always on the move CANCER using new ways of telecommunications with delight, also cerebral, rational, whose cofee consumption never fails to surprise and who is difficult to understand ; he is not CANCER but GEMINI.

If you meet a LEO with big sweet eyes, loving his business, his home and his family, who surprises you with his emotional excesses and his family problems ; he is not LEO but CANCER.

If you meet a self-centred, magnetic, entertaining-VIRGO who loves the business world and enjoyes life’s pleasures ; he is not VIRGO but LEO.

If you meet an analytic, focussed-on-details, well organised LIBRA who criticizes everything he doesn’t like and who has difficulties in showing his feelings ; he is not LIBRA but VIRGO.

If you meet a charming, smiling SCORPION with big almond-shaped eyes who can’t bear loneliness, who often hesitates over taking decisions  and about the direction his life should take, who loves the artistic world ; he is not SCORPIO but LIBRA

If you meet a SAGGITARIUS with a sprightly unaffected but rather unsmiling attitude, difficult to understand, often simple-minded and disarming, who conceals his private life ; he is not SAGGITARIUS but SCORPIO.

If you meet a magnetic, athletic, go-getter CAPRICORN who doesn’t care much about his nearest and dearest, but has a keen interest in everything, who is talkative and nevertheless discreet about his innermost personality ; he is not CAPRICORN but SAGGITARIUS.. 

If you meet a rather cold, busy, serious-minded AQUARIUS with  great physical strength, who doesn’t like to speak about himself ; he is not AQUARIUS but CAPRICORN.

If you meet an unpredictable, explosive, elusive PISCES, always moving or travelling, undertaking crazy ventures, commenting on all his activities, spending a lot of energy on dragging  everybody with him and who is always penniless ; he is not PISCES but  AQUARIUS.

End lastly, if you meet a dreamy, devoted to others, religious, sometimes mystical ARIES who fears conflicts and who has a real artistic sensibility ; he is not ARIES but PISCES.

  NOTE : - This is obviously a brief approach to everyone’s personality, for there are ten luminairs which can influence to a greater or lesser degree a birth chart. A LEO with a VIRGO ascendant or in House VI will have, of course, some characteristics of this sign.

  The sun position is not the most important element of your birth chart, more important are the planetary sojourns your soul made before your incarnation.

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For inquiring minds...

Ayanamsa: To Suresh P. Nambiar : his is a Sanskrit Indian name which means Ayana =  Movement, Amsa  =  Degree, Part etc.. When Ptolemy, astrologer of the 2nd century, succeeded in convincing his occidental colleagues to use the springtime vernal point to calculate planetary positions, Indian astrologers refused and called this mistake “ayanamsa”.

 The signification of Ayanamsa is : Ayana =  Movement, Amsa  =  Degree, Part etc.
Thanks  Suresh P. Nambiar.

  Ayanamsa is not fixed. It increases by about 1 degree every century. So, “tropical astrology” is more and more false. Nowadays, there are 24° or days between tropical and Indian astrologies. India, well-known country of pipe dreams, illusion and strange beliefs, teaches our occidental,  rational minds a great lesson in scientific rigour.

Nowadays, there are more or less 24° or days between tropical and Indian astrologies.

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The Vernal point is an imaginary point situated on earth when the sun shines equally on both hemispheres. We use it to calculate angles between the planets and the sun or the earth. The springtime vernal point isn’t fixed. It takes a bit more than 2 000 years to pass through the sign of the zodiac which gives the astrological name of our era. Nowadays we are in the “Pisces era”. We have to wait a bit more than one century  to enter “Aquarius era”. Why isn’t vernal point fixed ? Because the earth’s path around the sun is elliptical and because of the spinning top movement of the earth on itself.

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Ecliptic plane is the path the sun covers each year among the fixed constellations in the celestial sphere which has our planet as centre. Of course,  it’s the earth which moves, not the sun. The ecliptic plane is the plane on wich turn all the planets of our solar system except for PLUTO because its path is a little sloping. It looks like a huge microgroove record where  all the planets are more or less distant between them. The sun is naturally at the center. 

  In the sidereal world, constellations situated on the ecliptic plane constitute what we call the Zodiac. Of course, all the constellations emit vibrations which have real effects on our existence and behaviour. To our benefit, the magnetic, vibratory, invisible world will be discovered again and will take its real place in our society. .

Note: It's funny observing that many pseudo-rationalists refuse the sensitive, vibratory and magnetic world of soul and human beeing, and, at the same time, as everybody does, are appreciative of "sex-symbols" magnetism.

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• DORSAN Jacques - Retour au zodiaque des étoiles (Vous n'êtes pas né sous le signe que vous croyez)  - Éditions Dervy-Livres - Paris 1980

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