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Yes, we all have one or two totem animals

What is a totem animal ?

Following the example of so-called primitive small tribes, you can dscover that your soul (nebulous entity for some, wild dream for others) manifests itself as an animal with his appearance and characteristics. We all have one or two totem animals, rarely three. Each soul has its own strength and some particular characteristics. Some people can see it in their dreams.

The soul takes the shape of an animal, not to frighten others or to try to appear in the animal form but to reveal its true nature. The soul can also take the human shape best adapted to the moment of apparition and usually to be easily recognized by its own kind, wether incarnated or not.

It’s quite easy to discover your own totem animal because each one of us owns it more or less consciously in his psyche : either attraction to or repulsion from a particular animal is frequently an indication. The feeling of repulsion mostly comes from a lack of love or gratitude to oneself. All incarnated human beings tend to get physically close to this animal. Most often, they adopt it as a pet animal. But it’s absolutely clear that you’ll have some difficulty adopting an elephant in your house!

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In such cases, human beings start collecting their likenesses. It’s rather frequent to meet people with big collections of statuettes or posters of elephants, pigs, dolphins, owls, ducks, geeses, and so on.

Otherwise, the person holds the animal in high esteem without realising that this love is not the product of chance.

Question yourself, meditate, put yourself in “alpha” mode if you know this method and, from the deepest part of yourself, will appear this animal.

Remember, you may have two totem animals : a bird, or an aquatic or terrestrian animal. When your animal is found, all the strength, all the characteristics, all the attributes of the animal are yours ! For example : the craftiness of the fox, the strength the elephant, the cleverness of the rat, the kindness of the dolphin, the boldness of the tiger, and so on.

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Don’t cheat, be sincere in your search. Don’t try to adopt an animal because it’s intellectually correct or else! When you are down call him. He ’ll help you to get out of difficulty, and don’t forget to thank him... All that is not a dream, it’s real ! Even if a lot of people reject it.

When you find your animal, look closely into his characteristics because it’s the deep nature of your soul, the unique reality of your being, for your human body is only dust. Then, you’ll know exactly who you are and why you usually react instinctively to situations.

NOTA BENE : I don’t speak about metempsychosis which does’nt exist, there is no link between star signs (wathever they are) and totem animals, without no doubt the psyche retains the memory of distant appearances in other kingdoms.

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